By Frederick Wasser

A humorous factor occurred in an effort to the flicks. rather than heading downtown to a first-run motion picture palace, or perhaps to a suburban multiplex with the newest high-tech projection features, many people's first cease is now the local video shop. certainly, video leases and revenues this present day generate extra source of revenue than both theatrical releases or tv reruns of movies.

This pathfinding ebook chronicles the increase of domestic video as a mass medium and the sweeping alterations it has prompted through the movie because the mid-1970s. Frederick Wasser discusses Hollywood's preliminary hostility to domestic video, which studio heads feared may bring about piracy and declining sales, and exhibits how, mockingly, video revitalized the movie with large infusions of money that financed blockbuster video clips and big advertising and marketing campaigns to advertise them. He additionally tracks the fallout from the video revolution in every thing from adjustments in movie construction values to deal with the small monitor to the increase of media conglomerates and the lack of the range as soon as supplied through smaller studios and autonomous distributors.

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Since the stem of my arguments centers on film distribution, I have used 1993 as a cutoff point. This is not just because of the events described at the beginning of this introduction. It is also because the fate of independent distribution was fully understood at that point. The purchase of Miramax and New Line in that year are the coda to the era. In that year, the New Hollywood revolution had been going for a generation. The next generation was being recruited on an incremental basis. A hundred years of cinema had come to terms with twenty years of video.

Exploitation films nurtured a new generation of filmmakers and sensibilities about the relationship between the audience and the film. Exploitation 39 V E N I , 40 V I D I , V I D E O films were different from B movies since they were not fillers on a feature program. If they were double billed, it was with other exploitation or specialized films. In this manner, exploitation films formed an economic continuity with the Euro-art film (despite their disparity in formal experiment and narrative ambition).

This control was successfully exercised within vertically integrated movie studios. Indeed the film industry was so successful that the studios that emerged seventy to eighty years ago are still the powerhouse studios of today. However, this chapter also describes the serious challenges the film industry strategies faced in the postwar era. Lifestyles changed first in the United States and then in other industrialized countries after the Second World War. S. these lifestyle changes coincided with and facilitated the widespread adoption of television.

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