The Lelia Mordoch Gallery put on its first exhibition in 1989. Member of the Comité Professionel des Galeries d’Art, we take part in activities of the main Parisian cultural associations.

The Gallery shows works of different media linked with contemporary art such as paintings, glassworks, sculptures, videos, assemblages and works on paper…

For 15 years, we have been working with artists, that we exhibit regularly. We help them step by step achieving their projects. The Gallery represents several generations of international contemporary artists: Garcia Rossi, Julio Le Parc, Laura Nillni, Monique Rozanès (Argentina), Dominique Lomré (Belgium), Kevin Yu (China), Imamura (Japan), Sergheï Litvin Manoliu (Roumania), Gomez Manresa, Sobrino (Spain), Keith Long, Joe Neill (USA) and French artists such as
Robert Blanc, Gérard Delafosse, Emmanuel Fillot, Patrice Girard, Loïc Hervé, François Morellet, Joël Stein, Yvaral…

Our gallery organise more than 10 exhibitions each year. As a further means of promotion we issue catalogues and participate in Art fairs both in France and abroad.


December, 5 (2015) – February, 6 (2016)

Lélia Mordoch Gallery
2300 N Street Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

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