Optical Graffiti

Optical Graffiti

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Editions Lélia Mordoch

Published in 2018

96 pages

29cm x 25cm

I immediately liked the works of L'Atlas for the power of their graphics. It is not easy to find artists who renew geometric art. From graffiti to optical art, L'Atlas refuses to be locked into a genre... it claims an art without borders.

He is inspired by the topographical surveys of temples but it is calligraphy, the inscription of the sign in a structured form, which brings him to kinetic art.

The signature of L'Atlas is present in each of his works even if sometimes it is well hidden. A labyrinth in which a signature is inscribed is how most of his paintings could be defined. But we must go further into the world of signs. One painting can hide another. Optical games, phosphenes which are revealed in blue light, rotating square, there is always a mystery in his works to be deciphered. Atlas is an artist whose erudition is revealed in the jubilation of creation.

He captures the spirit of the city and leaves his mark on it by creating a contemporary archeology where the graph serves as a reference point in the urban jungle, where the artist deciphers the city with his signature.

The walker discovers stars on the asphalt...and a compass so as not to lose the north.

In the labyrinth of contemporary creation, look for L'Atlas and you will find a great artist who gives Street Art a new dimension: Optical Graffiti.

Lélia Mordoch